Hello and welcome to our new website! We have lots happening at the minute so I thought I’d just give you a quick update. Our first overseas residential begins on the 1st June in collaboration with AMP Camp. Lottie and Kobi were our trail blazers and went to AMP Camp earlier this year – they loved it and definitely gave it their seal of approval. watch out for lots of photos coming soon.

Our adventure day last year was a huge success – we announced the date this week and got lots of positive feedback

Reuben is so excited, he’s been asking the whole year when we can go back to ‘the special hand day’ where ‘everyone is like me’ 💗

Yes!!!! Date saved!!

Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates

We rely heavily on our supporters for their help with fundraising – so many people have done fundraisers and we are really grateful. If you have something in mind and want some support please let us know. We had some very energetic people offer to run marathons or compete in ironmans (is that the right word?) who asked for running vests – see below with our new branding!

we now have a donate button on the home page – please can you share this for us as every donation means we can continue doing our work and not charging our families. Looking forward to seeing lots of you on the 25th August Jane x

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