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Our adventure days and Christmas parties have been a huge success. Our children love meeting up with their peers and being able to talk freely about their limb differences. Quotes such as ‘No one looked at me funny’ or ‘No one asked about my little arm’ ‘I just felt normal’ sum up why they are important. Parents have fed back that children gain confidence from these meet ups and friendship groups are formed which will be invaluable as they grow,

We do have limb different adults as ambassadors and supporters. This is important to us as children can see them driving, playing cricket, swimming – basically just living a normal life. Parents can ask for advice and again see that having a limb difference isn’t a barrier to having full life.

We aim to have a Summer event and a Christmas even each year. From 2022 we are expanding into Mini meet ups – like our Slime Workshop in Sheffield, and on line sessions such as the ones run by Amazelab where we will send you the resources.

Activities are being introduced by Katie who is currently running a sunflower growing competition. Any suggestions for activities are welcomed.

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