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Welcome to Team LimbBo

Welcome to Team LimbBo all you parents out there. If you are a new to the world of limb difference you may feel a little anxious at times. We completely understand and its normal to worry a little about the unknown. Hopefully, this page will help to ease that for you. Our kids are AWESOME and nothing stops them, you will get used to the phrase ‘I can do it’ as you will be hearing it often. They will constantly amaze you, they will climb trees, swim, play football, ride a bike … basically they will do what all children do just in their own way. 

We began a campaign to send posters to be placed in maternity units to help any new limb different families but the photos speak volumes and will show you what they can do much better than we can. 

We have a closed group on facebook which is just for families – it is moderated and is a safe place for you to meet other parents and children. You can ask questions, share links, be part of our community and make new friends.

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Booklets for children and Parents

Some of our children created their own booklet called, My Limb Difference. Its a lovely booklet full of photographs of our children enjoying their everyday lives, climbing, washing cars, riding horses … just to show our younger children that they will be able to do these things too.

If you would like a copy of this booklet just e mail 

Educating Young People

Our Video for Schools

We aim to show the world how amazing our limb different children are.

 We work in schools both in classrooms and leading assemblies – we do have an assembly video if your child’s school would like to use it

Please feel free to share our video with your school or friends using the buttons below.

Beautiful Pictures

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