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Charity Partners

Our wonderful charity partners are an essential and integral part of the work we do.  These wonderful charities support us in many different ways and we really couldn’t help as many limb different children without their much needed input. Thank you.

Team Unlimbited

Team Unlimbited created a 3D printable arm that can only be described as one of the best pieces of engineering and ingenuity we have ever seen.

Not only did the charity create the fantastic design but in an act of pure kindness made the designs open source and available to anybody free of charge. Their vision like ours is to make children with limb differences feel happy. They have been supporters of Team LimbBo since we began and have mentored us along the way.

We have the facilities to create these arms for any child that would benefit from and love to have one 100% free of chargeThese can be customised to a theme or colour choice that your child likes the most. Just send us an email at and we will happy to discuss this with you.

However if you are feeling adventurous and fancy a challenge, you too could make an arm yourself. Below is a link to The Team Unlimbited Files for the arm our son uses and also a site where you can purchase a good quality reliable 3D Printer. If you have any questions and would like any help with printing we will gladly help you.

Adam and Matt are responsible for printing these at LimbBo


Koalaa  Adult & Children Prosthetics | Koalaa (

We work closely with the team at Koalaa who have provided many of our children with soft prosthetics. They have attended our adventure days to meet our families and create custom made prosthetics. Project Limitless aims to provide every child in the UK (under 18 that is eligible )with a free prosthetic. Their work is inspiring and our children love them. Get in touch with them and you will be allocated a Limb Buddy who will help you through the process. Hopefully you will meet many of them in person at future events.

Project Limitless to raise a further £250,000 – watch on YouTube 

Never Say Never Foundation

In the past ten years, Nick and Regas have built Never Say Never into a respected foundation that helps kids and athletes strive to reach their full potential and put on one of the most sought after, fully funded, adaptive sporting camps in the United States.

Bold Kids

BOLDkids is a unique collaboration between Professor Tamar Makin, an expert on brain plasticity at the UCL Plasticity Lab, and Dr Dorothy Cowie, an expert on motor development at her Durham University Movement Lab.

Despite their missing limb(s), children with limb differences develop remarkable motor skills, making use of different body parts to independently explore the world. As a group, we are interested in how these unique motor skills and adaptations interface with brain plasticity (the brain’s ability to change and adapt to our experiences in life) as the children develop.

We have worked closely with Laura from Bold kids who has visited us several times. Our children have volunteered to take part in research which has provided us with lots of insight into how they manage their limb differences.


Ampcamp Kids is an inspiring project brought about by one man’s dream to make change to how people see us. Ben Lovell is an Amputee from Yorkshire and in 2017 had he’s right leg amputated due to a blocked artery.

 Limb-it-Less is the progressing charity that will form the front of Ampcamp kids. With money raised by Limb-it-Less making the placements for children to attend.

At Ampcamp kids what we try to achieve in a week’s camp (in Tenerife)  is bringing not only the children but the parents together too, at Ampcamp Kids we are aware it is not only the child with limb differences that is impacted by the journey it is also siblings and of course the parents. We have already listened to and shared other parents journeys and sometimes these are intensely emotional. We believe Ampcamp Kids also gives the children and parents a supportive network once they have left camp. Friends for life

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