LimbBo Christmas Party 2022

Describing a LimbBo Christmas party isn’t easy. What made Sunday special was, as always, the people. The joy on our children’s faces when they meet up with old friends. The fact that they are all comfortable around each other meant noise and laughter were the order of the day. A disco, games, art corner, karaoke, pass the parcel, face painting, dancing all preceded the main event which was of course the arrival of Santa!

None of this would be possible without the work that goes on behind the scenes. So many people have fundraised for us this year or voted for us to gain monetary awards. The families of our limb different children, local schools, local restaurants, the workplaces who made us their charity ( put forward by our families) all enable LimbBo to function – the list is endless.

Big Tommy, our mascot, donned his Christmas t shirt and hat dancing non stop – his real life human ‘handler’ is a superstar.

Our latest ambassador, Josh who is 15, proved to be a real asset both in terms of being Santa’s elf, general gofer and patiently explaining the workings of his hero arm. The LimbBo bionic crew now numbers 5 and hopefully we can expand this number next year. 

Jamie and Tommy have been friends since they were 4; they have the same limb difference. Adding new depth to ‘can you lend me a hand’ Tommy loaned Jamie his arm to try out – his face says it all.

It’s always a joy to meet up, see how our children have grown, meet new additions to the team and get lots of hugs. 

See you at our next meet up and a Happy Christmas from #teamlimbBo x

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