Camp LimbBo 2023

Those who know me well, know that I’m seldom lost for words but … how do I sum up Camp LimbBo 2023 in a way that will do it justice? I have never seen as much mud or as much rain in such a short space of time. Nor have I ever seen children and young people quite so covered in dirt (to the parents who dressed your children in a white sweatshirt – we loved your optimism 😊 )

Having spent at least a week in a serious panic following the weather forecast, ordering emergency rain ponchos, digging out our wellies and at times verging on hysteria (Adam’s refrain of ‘It’ll be ok mum honest! didn’t calm my nerves)

When we arrived to start setting up, we jumped over puddles , waded through yet more mud and decided we just literally had to make the best of it.

OH MY WORD – once our Camp LimbBo Crew arrived, the atmosphere changed; smiles, shrieks from children meeting up again, offers of an indoor dormitory met with shrugs from Parents who knew their children were here to camp not to have the ‘luxury’ of a solid roof.

It’s an understatement to say that everyone enjoyed the weekend; yes it rained, yes it was muddy, no the ponchos didn’t survive the volume of rain but boy were our children #Bornready.

Canoeing, go-carts, climbing, obstacle courses, zip wire, crate stacks nothing phased them. They cheered one another on, made new friends, threw water over Woody…they literally threw themselves into everything. We were going to buy a camp star award but didn’t because it would have been impossible to single out any one person.

These children supported one another and it didn’t matter if you had a limb difference or were a sibling – no one said you can’t do that… the thanks and round of applause for the volunteers at the end left us all quite tearful – we finished the weekend tired (this year’s understatement) but happy!

We were so proud of our children, their families and our volunteers – our young ambassadors were thrown into their roles this weekend and rose to every challenge we gave them.

I would say we are all now resting but since we have 500 attendees at our Adventure Day on the 17th we will be #bornready or #collapsetrying.

Jane x

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