Dirty Mills Scooter Club & Bapp For Bolts Help Spread Some Christmas Cheer – LimbBo Style

In our trustee’s meeting a few months back we all agreed that being able to gift adapted bikes to children for Christmas would be amazing however these bikes are brand new and with the parts and materials to adapt them they cost over £200 each and shipping them complete and built would take the total up even higher.

Dirty Mills Scooter club came to the rescue and funding one of our bikes (modelled by Tommy below) for a little girl called Lottie by holding a curry night, what a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do, you guys are amazing, thank you so much for taking the time and money to help us 🙂

We used the money people had kindly donated at our Coffee mornings and via Paypal donations to fund another 3 bikes just in time for Christmas taking the total to 4!

Shipping was still going to be logistically difficult and expensive. I managed to drive to Liverpool to drop one off in person to Tommy’s friend Kobi! The other’s however were quite far away and we thought we may have to leave the final 2 bikes until after Christmas………… until our good friends at Bapp For Bolts came to the rescue!

They simply said “Wrap them up, drop them off and we will get them there”. This was also such a fantastic gesture especially considering one of the bikes was going to Northern Ireland! We could fulfil our project I couldn’t thank Richard and his team enough!

We will hopefully be able to post some pictures of the smiling kids receiving there bikes at Christmas and post them on here!

The idea of these bikes was to give kids confidence and make it easier and safer to ride a bike just like their friends.

Again thank you to everyone for helping us on our journey to help children with limb differences, you are all amazing x

Team LimbBo

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