Christmas – it’s nearly December so I think I’ll get away with mentioning it …

Every Christmas the whole of our street is decorated with fairy lights, candy canes, trees…all that is except our house. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, I do but sometimes its just exhausting!

One of the ways I’ve cut down on my stress around Christmas is by not sending cards (except to my Dad and my In laws – they would be too upset if I didn’t send cards – it’s a generation thing) and donating to charity instead. I’ve done this for years – it began when I worked at a wonderful school called Kingstone in Barnsley. We had around 100 staff and it quickly became obvious that the easiest thing to do would be a charity donation to the local Hospice and a huge card in the staff room for everyone to sign.

I’m going to replicate this idea on line and donate the price of cards and postage to LimbBo instead. I’ll post this on my social media sites and hope that others will support me.

If you want to do the same please feel free to copy and paste the image above.

We love doing the work we do, the smiles the joy on the kids faces is amazing. It’s for parents too though, one lady said last week that sometimes it can be ‘a lonely place’ and she was devastated when her child was shunned at a local play centre. She felt better once we’d chatted – we’ve all been there!

The thing is we need money to continue our work and we all find it hard to ask for help but I hope that by posting this I’m not pestering everyone just giving you a way of donating a small amount that will really help. A roll of filament is around £30 so if we could raise that for Christmas card donations we can add to our colour palette for arms. Feel free to get in touch if you can help in anyway and enjoy your festive preparations Jane x

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